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Postby duay7t15f » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:22 am

An Alliance for Change (AFC) Councilor is calling on the relevant authorities to put in place measures to secure the people of Region Three.Harry Narine Deokinanan said that his community is desperately in need of a police station or outpost, but all they have to deal with is a one-year-old, unattended, unoccupied, empty container which never filled its purpose of being the Tuschen Police Outpost.The AFC Councilor said that Phase One and Two of the Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, are in need of police presence, while infrastructure and amenities need to be put in place.The unoccupied outpost at Tuschen Housing Scheme.Deokinanan said that for over a year now, “Petty thievery, robbery, house break-ins and regrettably, the incidence of rape have been on the rise” in his community.According to him,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, within a year, there have been at least three murders in the community with one occurring during a robbery as recent as last month. On February 10, a police trainee, 26-year-old Harold Haimchand Sukhai was shot twice in a dark, deserted area in Rockers Street, Tuschen Housing Scheme.The lad and his girlfriend, Drupattie Sookdeo, were returning from an aunt’s house around 19:00hours when three unmasked men attacked and robbed them. The young woman managed to get away after being robbed, while Sukhai was shot once in his upper arm and chest.Prior to that,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, in the said area, Deokinanan said that two women were raped. Those are only few of the many incidents occurring in the area, he said. Because of the lack of police presence, Deokinanan said crime continues to escalate.Some time last year, he said the police brought a container with a few windows and one door. A shed was set up at the front, and a bridge was built for access. For about two weeks he said persons were seen on and off at the “so-called police outpost” and then nothing more.“They have never serviced the community. For about two weeks there was movement and then nothing more.” Deokinanan said that the nearest police station from Tuschen would be Parika,NFL Jerseys Cheap, which is a far distance away.Deokinanan argued,Wholesale China Jerseys, “These are the issues plaguing the people of Region Three, but the Chairman is refusing to be professional.” Opposition Councilors had been complaining that the Chairman and his colleagues from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) outnumbered them by four.They had told Kaieteur News in previous reports that the Chairman and his colleagues were using their majority to undermine the functions of the Opposition Councilors. At the Region’s first meeting for the year,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Councilors walked out citing disrespect and insult from the Regional Chairman.Subsequent to that,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, an A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) member, Kathlene Armstrong, was silenced and prohibited from speaking after she spoke out against the Chairman’s behaviour towards opposition councilors. Deokinanan said there are various issues plaguing the communities but the Chairman is refusing to take earnest action.The people of Tuschen Housing Scheme told this newspaper that after Sukhai’s death that “this community got a lot of crime.” They are contemplating taking security into their own hands and hope that when they act, “there will be no outcry that people wrong,Wholesale Jerseys,” since they asked, “How can anyone be wrong to defend themself if they are under attack?”
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